Extreme Marriage Proposals

It’s not true love unless you fake your own death.

It’s not true love unless you fake your own death.

Today is Valentine’s Day, which means men everywhere will be proposing marriage to their girlfriends, most in a completely uninspired, unoriginal way. Perhaps those guys should take a cue from these guys, who popped the question under extreme, even terrifying circumstances. As far as we know, in all cases the ladies said yes—proving yet again that you can pretty much do or say anything you want, provided you chase it with a diamond ring.

The Guy Who Faked His Own Death

In 2012, a wealthy Russian businessman named Alexey Bykov faked his own death in an elaborate hoax designed to test his girlfriend’s loyalty before he asked her to marry him. Dude hired a director, scriptwriter, makeup artists, and stuntmen, then lured his lady to a specific intersection. She arrived to find what appeared to be the aftermath of a fiery car crash, and was informed that Bykov had been killed. Meanwhile, the guy is sprawled out on the concrete, covered in fake blood, examining her reaction for signs that she might be guilty of gold-digging or other treachery. Satisfied that her hysterical cries were proof of her pure intentions, Bykov hopped up and screamed, “Psych! Wanna get hitched?” (Or something like that; we don’t speak Russian.)

The Guy Who Set Himself on Fire

The weirdest part about Toronto stuntman Josh Madryga’s proposal is that he waits until his lady says yes, then proceeds to ignite himself. Also weird: she doesn’t really seem all that affected by the fact that her betrothed is engulfed in flames. Maybe the fire is just designed to distract everyone from the fact that Josh may or may not be dressed in drag…

The Guy Who Jumped Out of a Plane


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Here’s what apparent crazy person Kyle Monroe’s skydiving proposal probably sounded like: “Hey, babe, wanna get married? If you say yes, I’m jumping out of this plane. If you say no, you are.” She said yes, thereby making him the happiest free-falling man in the world, right up until his body splattered all over the ground. Just kidding! They jumped together, their parachute worked fine, and he let a massive “Marry Me Liz?” sign on the ground below do the talking for him.

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