6 Killer Colognes To Wear Right Now

Because smelling right is always a good move.

Now that we’re nearly halfway through November and winter is swiftly approaching, it’s high time you retire your summer cologne, and pick out a new signature scent that’s a bit warmer and muskier, to keep your cologne game on point for fall

Only you can pick out a new fragrance for yourself that works for your personal style and body chemistry, but we can make things a little easier for you by offering some expert suggestions.

And so, here are six fantastic fall colognes worth trying out. 

1. L’Homme Prada L’eau

Refreshing yet woodsy, this new fragrance from Prada opens with top notes of iris and amber, then settles into warm base notes of seductive neroli, fresh geranium, and heady patchouli.

Get it here for $98.

2. Frederic Malle Monsieur

One of the darker, more sensual colognes on the market, Frederic Malle’s Monsieur combines the dusky aromas of rum absolute, leathery suede, rich amber, and musk, for a warm and irresistible fragrance.

Get it here for $215.

3. Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis

For those of you who just can’t say no to a light and breezy signature scent, this might be the one for you.

With bright notes of bergamot, lemon, sweet mock orange, and musky wood, this sunny fragrance is perfect for brightening even the dreariest fall day. 

Get it here for $154.76.

4. Penhaligon’s Monsieur Beauregard

Rich, spicy, and elegantly dark, Beauregard is the perfect combination of cinnamon, creamy orris, warm benzoin, and seductive tonka.

Get it here for $240.

5. Vilhelm Parfumerie Basilico & Fellini 

With crisp notes of basil, green hay, vetiver, violet, and sweet dragon fruit, Basilico & Fellini is cool, sexy, and masculine, fit for a man of classy sophistication.

Get it here for $245.

6. Azzaro WANTED Freeride

This limited edition fragrance is a smooth and spicy blend of ginger, bold cardamom, woody vetiver, tonka bean, and smoky juniper, balanced with just a touch of lemon. Plus, the bottle kind of looks like a revolver, and it’ll look totally badass in your bathroom.

Get it here for $85.