These Guys Attached a Chainsaw to a Drone Because Why Not

Joke or not, it’s cool.

To be completely up front: like the folks at OutdoorHub, we’re not sure if this was meant to be an April Fools’ hoax or not. There could be some selective editing going on with this video, it’s just hard to tell. However, it does appear as if a pair of Finnish farmers got a little stir-crazy and decided to attach a chainsaw to a drone and then go to town with it. Even if it’s a prank, the end-result is a video that is almost equal parts epic and absurd.

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We really don’t know much other than what you see in the video, in which icicles, balloons, and snowmen are chainsawed into oblivion with abandon. 

It’s one of those things that gets funnier as you watch—until you start imagining yourself alone in some snowy field and the giant waspy sound of this thing bearing down on you.

We’re looking forward to some other maker electing to see if they can reproduce what these Finns did and prove they weren’t just pulling a fast one. Just as long as we’re not within the drone’s range when the chainsaw kicks into gear. At least not without some kind of drone-killing backup plan.

h/t OutdoorHub