The Five-Move Outdoor Workout That Will Kick Your Butt

The Viking Brothers drew up this workout for Maxim readers. Good luck.

The Viking Brothers are Jacob Peacock and Paul Duke, and they like to take their workouts where few men dare to go: outside the gym. Read about them here, and see how they manhandle rocks and logs here. And then head outdoors, find some heavy stuff, and take on this intense workout. 

Instructions: Begin with the first exercise. Complete all reps, then move on to the next one. Repeat until you’ve finished all five. Rest as much as you need to. (And we’ve included a few gifs from—gasp!—the guys at the gym, so they can display some of the more complex movements.)

Move #1: Skating lunges, while holding a tree branch

Take a big step forward with one leg. And then, as if ice skating, cross your back leg over and lunge, so that your back knee touches the ground. Then repeat with the next leg. Duke demonstrates it in this gif—but to do it in proper Viking style, hold a tree branch (or some other heavy object) while you do it.

Tough: 100 reps on each leg

Viking level: 200 reps on each leg

Move #2: Goblet squat with rock

Find a heavy rock and hold it against your chest, just underneath your chin. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes slightly pointed out. Your hips should be held forward, and your head held high. Drop your butt down and out, into a squat, until your elbows touch the inside of your knees. Then stand back up. Keep your back straight the entire time.

Tough: 100 reps

Viking level: 200 reps

Move #3: The Bridge

Lay on your back, with your feet and hands both flat on the ground and shoulder-width apart. Then push your body up into an arch, and hold it. You’re doing five sets.

On the first, set you’re holding for time.

Tough: 30 second hold

Viking level: 1 minute

On the next 4 sets, do presses. Lower yourself until your head touches the floor (like in the beginning of the gif), and then press back up.

Tough: 10 reps

Viking level: 20 reps

And finally, one more timed set.

Tough: 30 seconds

Viking level: 1 minute

Move #4: Uneven Push-ups

Get into a pushup position, but put one hand on a rock and the other on the ground. Go down slowly, bringing your chest to the rock, and hold for two seconds before pressing back up. Walk your hand and feet to the side, so that you’ve switched which hand is on the rock, then repeat.

Tough: 50 reps

Viking level: 100 reps

Move #5: Handstand against tree

Or a wall. Or anything, really. Get vertical and hold it.

Beginner level: 30 sec

Intermediate: 1 minute

Tough: 1.5 minutes

Viking level: 2 minutes

[Top photo by David Harry Stewart]