Behold The X-Rated Snapchat, Fleek

For anyone who wants to see how crazy college is in 2016.


We all know Snapchat is notorious for 5 second dick pics and boob shots, but thanks to certain guidelines, you won’t see any nudity or indecency on Snap Stories because they immediately get deleted. Booo. But that’s why there’s Fleek, the younger, cooler, more NSFW cousin of Snapchat.

Flaunting the slogan “Your Unofficial Campus Story that WON’T GET BANNED by Snapchat,” Fleek lets users – who are almost exclusively college students – post really inappropriate things on their University Fleek account (at the risk of getting expelled). Think naked butts, keg stands, lines of cocaine, a frat bro throwing up, etc. You know, college stuff.

“It’s like Snapchat, but with more boobs,” a sophomore at Georgetown University very accurately told Tech Insider. It’s like an uncensored look into the raunchy, sometimes illegal things that college students like to take part in. Now is your chance to live out the crazy college experience you never had through these pictures!

Since there’s so much buzz about this moderately degenerate app, I wanted to see for myself if it really is as bawdy as it’s made out to be. I downloaded the app, made myself an account, and braced myself for some lewd pictures.

I was expecting to see pictures that I would be embarrassed to get caught looking at, and I was not disappointed. There were some pictures and videos that weren’t too crazy, but most of them made me want to cleanse my eyeballs with holy water. Any parents of college kids out there, do not – I repeat, do not – download this app. You won’t see your child the same way again.

It was weird, but overall, I’d rate Fleek 7/10. Cool stuff.