Give It Up For This Flight Attendant Who Made $1 Million By Charging Men to Join the Mile-High Club

This is entrepreneurship at its best.

Being a flight attendant seems like a thankless job at times: you have to deal with countless irritable passengers with nothing but peanuts and tiny bottles of booze for sustenance while you’re trapped in a tin can thousands of miles up in the air. But one flight attendant found a different way to make a little extra cash — okay, a lot of extra cash — while trapped in said tin can.

According to the Daily Mail by way of BroBible, one stewardess reportedly earned approximately £650,000 ($985,224) over the course of two years by having sex with passengers in the plane bathroom.

The airline, which hasn’t been named yet, operated out of the Middle East. A source told the Saudi Arabian news outlet, Sada, that “she admitted that she had sex with many other passengers during flight and that she preferred long distance flights between the Gulf and the United States.” It’s estimated that she charged $2,273 per encounter. She was immediately fired and deported when news of her business came to light.

Assuming that she began this airborne sex work out of her own volition, we have to hand it to her for profiting off the infamous mile high club. 

Photos by Getty Images