Some Women Are Going on Tinder Dates Just to Score a Free Dinner, So Be Extra Careful How You Swipe

Have you been a victim of the dreaded “foodie call”?

woman eating


As someone who lives in New York City, let me tell you something about it: It’s expensive as fuuuck. I’m certain all New Yorkers will agree with me on that.

For many, most of their paycheck is spent on rent, and then they blow whatever’s left on food and booze. New York is awesome, but it really takes a toll on your bank account, especially considering there are thousands of incredible restaurants and cocktail bars everywhere. It’s only natural to want to try them all.

And that’s exactly why there are some ladies, such as Olivia Balsinger, who go on Tinder dates for the sole purpose of scoring a free meal and a cocktail or two, in a penny-pinching tactic called a “Foodie Call.” You know, like a booty call, but for food.

“Stop talking and take me to Nobu. I’ll have the sashimi party platter.”

“I was in a job that barely paid my rent,” 24-year old Balsinger, told the New York Post. “I barely had enough money to go to a nice grocery store.” Oof. A sad life indeed.

So, to live a slightly more luxurious life that doesn’t consist of microwavable ramen noodles and tap water, she started foodie calling men she met on Tinder twice a week, who would take her to pricey restaurants and bars around the city, and never hear from her again.

Now that’s what I call ‘dine and dash.’

“You want to enjoy the city, but you don’t really want to waste two hours of your paycheck on eating out,” she said. “So it’s pretty easy to kind of just say yes if someone’s offering to take you out.”

Yeah, if you want to eat at Nobu or Momofuku but you can hardly afford to get guac on your burrito bowl, foodie calling isn’t a horrible idea. It isn’t the most honorable thing in the world, but I wouldn’t call it gold digging, either.

Gold diggers want cash, trips to Bora Bora, and Gucci loafers. These chicks just want some pasta and a slice of cheesecake.

Likewise, another woman, a 26-year old publicist named Alex Blynn, also admits to going on food dates with men who can afford more than just a $7 side dish.

“There are a lot of places to eat, but my budget doesn’t always allow me to try them,” she says. “A great way to supplement [my budget] is to go on a first date even if I’m not personally feeling it.”

“You look beautiful tonight, Mary.” 
“Sorry, can’t hear you over the sound of my parmesan truffle yucca fries.”

I’m certain foodie calls don’t just happen in New York. I’m sure it happens elsewhere, too. So, if you’ve ever taken a woman out on a date to a nice restaurant, only to have her never speak to you again, you may have been foodie called. Sorry, dude. Be careful from now on. 

H/T: New York Post