The Four Strangest Independence Day Celebrations In America

Freedom means getting to celebrate your country in incredibly strange ways. 

America’s birthday is quickly approaching. But are you ready? Do you have hot dogs? Fireworks? Computers to shoot?  Some parts of America celebrate Independence Day a little differently than you might. Here are some of the weirdest traditions. 

Austin, Texas: Bat City Bombshells Burlesque show, “Pasties for Patriots

This show makes us proud to be Americans. Watch these ladies dance the night away in a sexy burlesque show to salute our troops. P.S: If you re a solider, bring your military ID; you will get a special “hello” from the ladies and a “hero rate” discount.

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Estacada, Oregon: Timber Festival

Nothing says ‘Merica quite like lawnmower races, log rolling contests, live country music and ax throwing competitions. The price for each event range from $5 to $15, so you’re not breaking the bank, and nothing will make you feel more red blooded and bold. 

San Francisco Mime Festival

The general consensus on mimes is that they are incredibly annoying. BUT, the fact that there’s a Mime Festival in San Francisco suggests that some people love them. Whatever your stance on mimedom is, you’ve got to check this out. You’ll never see anything like it again. 

South Kentucky: Computer Shoot

If you hate your old computer, or just love watching harmless explosions, this event is one you might want to check out. Donate your computer to the Computer Trap Shoot and see it blasted into smithereens. 

Photos by Getty Images