A Frank Chat With a Beautiful Woman: Carmella Rose

The model sounds off on bondage, one night stands, and recreating sex scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Los Angeles-based model and MaximInstagram Girl of the Week Carmella Rose has a few things to say about sex. You should listen.

What about a man turns you on the most?

When you can see the way a man feels about you through his motion and connection between each other just by looking at you with his eyes. No words cease to exist.

What are the advantages to a one night stand?

The only advantage in a one night stand would be there is no emotional involvement. You might be going through a break-up and have been emotionally dragging yourself along. Eventually you feel the need to go out and explore because it’s over.. He’s not coming back and you are better than that. You are made to feel confident. So you go out, often these nights begin with tequila shots and beer buckets. Which lower your level of shyness and increase your confidence to prowl. Once you find him, you are never going to see him again so might as well try that fake Australian accent you’ve been working on your whole life. It’s the beginning of your nomination to win best actress.

Have you ever engaged in BDSM?

Hell no! I find most of it unattractive. I believe in the beauty of sex and intimacy between two people. The way two physically touch each other. However, I love some aggression, when a guy dominates and over-powers you—that gets me going.

Does the idea of public sex appeal to you?

Only if it’s adventurous. Also, if I’m head-over-heels in the relationship. I would never want to experience that kind of connection with someone who isn’t a big part of my love life, you need to keep it classy but fun. 

What’s the sexiest thing you’ve done in the bedroom?

Remember the scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan Belfort goes home with Naomi for the first time? She goes into her room to change and comes out naked with just a pair of nice 5 inch heels on. Yeah, that…

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Photos by lifewithoutandy