Dronesurfing Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

It’s about damn time.

Drone + Surfing = Dronesurfing (Photo: Freefly Systems)

Surfing is the ultimate way to mesh with nature and go with the flow. But that doesn’t mean you need to actually wait for nature to produce your ultimate dream swell.

Likewise, you don’t have to hold up a heavy sailboard or fumble with an intricate kite harness. All you need to tumble carefree over the surf is a very powerful drone, in this case Freefly Systems’ ALTA 8, as shown in the 86-second video below:

This nearly 4 1/2-foot multi-rotor flyer sports eight engines each whizzing along at up to 6,300 RPM. Priced around $17,500, it’s certainly not a cheap solution. But certainly more portable than your average powerboat.

Also, there’s the matter of needing to either program or manually control where the drone’s heading…

Okay, so maybe dronesurfing isn’t the wave of the future. But that doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re making waves somehow.

h/t: Inside Hook