The G-Shot: Sexy or Scary?

(That’s a shot for your G-spot, in case you didn’t catch on)

(That’s a shot for your G-spot, in case you didn’t catch on)

Photo: George Mayer / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Gentlemen: do you ever wish you could give your girl more satisfaction in the bedroom? Are you tired of all the pills and pumps insinuating there’s something wrong with you? Well now there’s a solution specifically designed for the lady in your life: The G-Shot. It’s apparently an 8-second procedure whereby a licensed medical practitioner injects the mystical g-spot with a dose of collagen, causing it to swell up to the size of a quarter in width and a quarter of an inch in height.

As a woman, this already sounds more than a little scary. But after reading some of the testimonials, the effects of the procedure sound downright terrifying.

“During my spinning class I have this smile on my face and people think that I am enjoying my workout but actually I am sexually aroused.”

“I was riding in the car with my partner and we went on this cobblestone road and I became sexually aroused which lead to uncontrollable laughter…guess what happened next?”

“After my G-Shot I get sexually aroused performing yoga.”

“What a result. All I have to do is think about sex and I can feel my G-Spot react.”

And guys, if you think that having constant orgasms is something super crazy enjoyable, watch this video and think again.

Verdict: scary.

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