‘Game of Thrones’ Superfans Can Now Take a Luxury Tour of Show Locations in Spain

Live like a king while touring the real-life King’s Landing.


As Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its sixth season on April 24, luxury travel service Zicasso has put together an epic 12-day tour of the hit show’s gorgeous locations in Spain, which serves as the real-life setting for the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. 

Thrones fanatics will likely go nuts for the way it “seamlessly blends several of the ongoing storylines with thrilling displays of Spanish culture and heritage,” Zicasso promises.

Grenada. Courtesy Zicasso.

On the superfan-focused trip, priced at $8,399 per person, attendees visit various on-site filming locations including six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Imagine setting foot in the Dornish palace of House Martell, the fighting pits of Meereen, the free streets of Braavosand the decadent environs of King’s Landing – aka Grenada, Seville, Catalonia and Andalusia.

Alcazar in Seville (Forbes.com).

The package includes 11-nights in premier accommodations with breakfasts including a stay in a 10th century castle, 10 privately-guided tours, along with some overly touristy attractions like a private hot air balloon ride, “private paella culinary class,” caviar tasting, and door-to-door luxury transfers. 

Sadly, an after-hours tour of Tyrion Lannister’s favorite brothels are not included.

Seville. Courtesy Zicasso.