Watch a Girl Tumble Off Stage at an EDM Concert During Her Marriage Proposal

This hilarious moment is going viral.


Conjuring up the perfect proposal plan can be daunting, but an electronic music-loving fellow named Jeff Johnson came up with a pretty great way to ask his girlfriend, Endyugi Soedarsono, for her hand in marriage—on stage at an EDM show. Unfortunately, she proceeded to totally eat it upon seeing her man get down on his knee. 

The artist performing was trap DJ Crizzly, whose hit singles include “Dat Ass,” “Big Booty Bitches,” and “Ass and Titties.” Not exactly what you’d call a romantic catalog, but then again, Soedarsono’s Twitter bio says, “EDM is my drug. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat,” so Johnson probably couldn’t have picked a better time to pop the question. 

The clumsy gal is taking her newfound viral fame with grace and poise, according to the original video’s description.

“So embarrassing, hahaha, I’m okay tho… still in shock….. but he did good,” she said. “Lmao, my whole damn body hurts. Thank you for capturing the perfect moment I literally fell for him.”

We wish these two love birds the best. Let’s just hope no one gets hurt at their wedding. 

h/t: Bro Bible