Give It Up for the MMA Fighter Who Thanked Both His Wife and Girlfriend for His Win

That’s one hell of a support system.

The life of an MMA fighter is certainly one well-lived. You get to beat the sh*t out of other guys for a living and, as we would imagine, get to woo any girl you’d want.

Unfortunately, the wife of MMA fighter Benny Madrid might not be so pleased about that last perk. After defeating Jeff Fletcher at the 23rd World Series of Fighting, an elated Madrid took to the mic to thank those who had helped make this triumphant, blood-soaked win possible: “everybody that believes in me: my wife, my girlfriend.” How sweet.

We all knew that MMA fighters live their lives in the fast lane, but the Internet was abuzz over how brazenly Madrid had announced his philandering. Or, are they both actually cool with it? And if that’s the case, does he have any tips?

Afterwards, Madrid took to Facebook to clear the air. He claims to have misspoken and, alas, does not appear poised to become America’s new face of polyamorous dating. Responding to an article from Sports Illustrated via his personal account, Madrid wrote, “Lol it’s my girlfriend/fiancé that’s going to be my wife .. Was caught up in the moment.”

Despite the blunder, we’ve got to give it up to Benny Madrid. Not only did he brush off this incident with humor and class, but he also gets to go home to a two-in-one wife/girlfriend combo.