Give It Up for the Restaurant That Wants to Save You From Your Awful Tinder Date

Not all heroes wear capes.

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Not all heroes wear capes. (Photo: Imgur)

Trying to find a suitable date online is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except way harder because sometimes that needle looks absolutely nothing like all those selfies you spent hours poring over. This is certainly the case for Tinder: All it takes is a quick search around the web to learn of the real-life horror stories experienced by countless users to conclude that using the app to meet people is one hell of a gamble. 

Luckily, an exceptionally caring pub called the Brickyard in London thought to offer its customers meeting their Tinder dates a backup plan if the experience turns unsavory. Inside the women’s bathroom, they’ve posted a sign that reads:

Tinder Date Gone Wrong?

Doesn’t look like his picture, or just plain weird?

If you’re on a bad date and it’s not going well, come to the bar and ask for Rachelle or Jennifer and we’ll get you out of it and/or get you a taxi.

Your safety and happiness is our highest priority.

If anyone is bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable please tell us. We will discreetly move them away, and if necessary, ask them to leave.

The Brickyard is safe and fun, we want you to enjoy your time here. Talk to us and we’ll sort it out 🙂

Customer service doesn’t get any better than that, folks. Since a photo of the sign was posted on imgur, it’s gotten close to half a million views and resounding round of applause from just about every corner of the internet. 

Staff at the Brickyard said the service was offered “purely for the safety of our female customers,” and that the amount of praise they’ve received since the image went viral has been astounding. And being the good people they are, they already “have plans in place already to launch a similar safety campaign for men.”

All other establishments, take note. 

h/t New York