We Dare You to Walk Across This Giant Terrifying Glass Bridge

Don’t look down.

If you thought London’s glass-bottomed sky-pool was nerve-wracking, wait until you get a load of this treacherous marvel.

The world’s longest glass suspension bridge opened Tuesday in Shiniuzhai National Park in China’s Hunan province. The South China Morning Postreports that a team of park engineers replaced the 984-foot long bridge’s original wooden slats with panes of glass measuring some 24 millimeters (0.94 inches) thick after tourists flocked to the park to check our a smaller transparent section they had installed last year

The “Hoahan Qiao” — or “Brave Man’s Bridge” — is suspended 590 feet above a gorge, which would be terrifying even without the fact that it looks like you could wall through the floor at any second. The engineers who built the thing assure us that, don’t worry, it’s totally fine.

“No matter how the tourists jump on the bridge we built, it will be fine,” engineer Yang Guohong told the Daily Mail. “The steel structures beneath the bridge is incredibly dense so even if the glass gets broken, visitors won’t fall down.”

The Hoahan Qiao is certainly a marvel of engineering, and we’d love to visit under one condition: if we’re actually going to cross this thing, you go first.