Why The Best Sex Happens OUTSIDE Of The Bedroom

The secret to great sex may be doing it somewhere besides your actual bed.

sex in car

A while ago, we told you that hotel sex was the best sex, thanks to the exquisite surge of dopamine that comes from banging on a bed that isn’t yours. 

“The novelty of the hotel room is going to stimulate dopamine transmission in the brain, which plays a big role in arousal and sexual excitement,” psychotherapist and sex counselor, Ian Kerner, told the Huffington Post. Hooray for novelty!

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And now, there’s now even more evidence that suggests the greatest, most orgasmic sex happens outside of the bedroom. According to a new study by Travelocity, 56 percent of respondents agreed that the best way to keep the spark alive with your partner (and have the best sex ever) is to go on vacation together, and bang it out like a couple of horny teenagers.

You know, just fly out to Aruba or something, get a little tipsy on some piña coladas, and just feel the romance come back into your life and revive your boring, sexless marriage.

Bored, obviously.

Sounds good, right? Especially because going on a romantic vacation is probably a lot less expensive, as well as much more enjoyable, than going to a marriage counselor for eight months and then hiring a divorce lawyer. So why wouldn’t you go on a weekend getaway with your sweetheart? It’d be silly not to go.

But as wonderful as it sounds to simply go on vacation and mend any rough patches, 31 percent of couples said they’ve never been on a couples-only holiday. Well, goddamn. I mean, if going far, far away from your responsibilities to Zanzibar or Bora Bora is a little too wild, driving an hour to a cozy bed and breakfast is a pretty close alternative — it accomplishes the same thing, basically.

And in case you needed any more encouragement to pack a bag and hit the road with your boo thang, you should also know that a 2013 survey by the US Travel Association found that 63 percent of couples agree that an intimate trip together is more likely to lead to hanky panky than getting each other a gift neither of you will ever use.

This is probably because a dozen roses will die in three days (even though it is a very romantic gesture), but the memories of you two getting tanked on margaritas and hooking up in a cabana are going to stay with her forever. Oh my gosh, so romantic.

So, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you should plan a romantic getaway to make your sex life passionate again. And even if you think your sex life is already great, you should still go on vacation anyway, because it’s fun. You won’t regret it.