A Go-Pro Camera (Accidentally) Gives Us The Perfect Glimpse of Burning Man

Take a long dive into the middle of a desert dance party.

Someone took their drone and a GoPro to Burning Man to get a bird’s eye view of the crazed counterculture fest in the desert. Something went wrong mid-flight, and what might normally be a minor disaster for the average drone enthusiast turned into an unexpected look at the infamous festival. 

We’d never know this poor little GoPro was at Burning Man at the beginning of this 1 minute and 20+ second video, first noticed by The Daily Dot. The drone could be hovering above any gathering of RVs in the middle of the desert. Then the view turns to a swarm of what looks like dancing ants far below, the drone loses its shit, and we’re off, death-spiraling down to the middle of something that looks like a Mad Max-themed desert disco. It’s crazy, sexy, and way too short. 

The personal drone revolution and Burning Man are well-suited to each other. For a surreal look at the festival captured by a camera-bearing drone that kept hold of its load, check out a different video below. It’s a steady, sped-up aerial view of a dust storm swallowing everything. It’s not sexy, but cool in a post-apocalyptic way. And this look may explain why so many party monsters at Burning Man wear those crazy bug-eyed goggles.