Now There’s Scientific Proof That Being A Good Kisser Will Get You Laid

Want more sex? Become a better kisser.


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Listen, some people are just born with the innate ability to kiss like a rock star, while the rest of us might not be as blessed with this innately sensual talent. And generally, people tend to enjoy making out with good kissers than they do with bad kissers who think making out means wagging their tongue in your mouth like a dentist trying to get at that back-tooth cavity.

But just how important is it to be a good kisser? Surely it doesn’t make you any less attractive if you can’t kiss for shit, right? Right??

To test this, researchers from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford ran a study in which 724 participants took an online survey where they were presented with four vignettes about potential partners, including descriptions of their sexual competencies. Two of the four vignettes described a “good kisser,” and the remaining two described a not-so-good kisser.

After reviewing each of the four profiles, the participants filled in follow-up questions on how attractive they thought the person described in the vignette was, how interested they’d be in going on a date with the person, how much they’d want to casually hook up with the person, and how likely they’d be to pursue a long-term relationship with the person.

The researchers hypothesized that people described as “good kissers” would be seen as sexier and more dateable relative to those described as “bad kissers,” and they also predicted that the participants would be more likely to want to have casual sex with the “good kissers” as well as pursue a long-term relationship with them.

The results of the study found that participants rated the “good kissers” as more attractive, and expressed that they’d be more likely to go on a date with them, as well as have casual sex with them, and that they’d be more interested in pursuing a long-term relationship with them. So, it would appear as though good kissers have the upper hand in the dating world.

Plus, it was discovered that women cared more about the kissing ability of men than men did of women, but this only goes for casual encounters, not long-term relationships. In short, was this means is that when you’re just looking for a one-night stand, you best pray to God that you can work that tongue of yours like a snake charmer.

So, my dudes, I can conclude that yes, being a good kisser is, in fact, quite important. But if you don’t think you’re too hot at the whole make-out thing, don’t worry – practice makes perfect. 

H/T: Science of Relationships