This Grandmother Says She Can Orgasm 70 Times a Day Since She Started Smoking Weed

And they say there’s no such thing as a miracle drug.

Marijuana affects everyone differently. Some people chill out fully, some get the munchies, and some (me, the person writing this article) become convinced that all their loved ones secretly hate them.

Others still, get overwhelmingly horny.

Fusion posted an interview with a one Terri D., who they describe as “a 46-year-old housewife, grandmother, former preschool teacher, and gym enthusiast from Texas.”

Terri recently started smoking weed and was so overwhelmed with the positive effects it had on her sex life that she reached out to Fusion to tell her story.

She’s been married to her husband for 26 years, and while they still had sex frequently, she was disappointed by her inability to orgasm anymore. About two weeks ago, Terri smoked a strain called Purple Tangie while her husband was out of town and said, “I could feel everything all at once. I just began enjoying my entire body. The feeling…it was life changing.”

And now she can orgasm with her husband again — and it’s some next level shit.

“I can control my orgasms now,” she says. “I can make them hard, long, soft, short, intense…Now I can be in the bedroom for four or five hours. Not only that, I can have an orgasm without even touching myself—in my mind. I can orgasm in the bathroom, in my car. I would say about 70 times a day, if I wanted to. I promise you I am not exaggerating.”

Seventy. Orgasms. A. Day.

That’s one orgasm every 20 minutes in a 24 hour period. Assuming that she sleeps for about eight hours, that means she can come every 13 minutes.  That’s about all the math I feel like doing using my iPhone’s calculator right now, so please just join me in being amazed at this story. 

Read the rest of Terri’s interview with Fusion here.

Photos by Juhasz Peter / Getty Images