The Great Male Survey

Our buddies at polled a bunch of guys. (Not nearly as invasive as it sounds.)

Our buddies at AskMen polled a bunch of guys. (Not nearly as invasive as it sounds.) Here’s what they found out.

Photographed for Maxim by Ture Lillegraven | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

We’re sure you’re busy dodging pollsters from your local news affiliates about whether you’re pro-Obama, pro-Romney or just pro-manatees, but here’s one survey you might actually be interested in. AskMen decided to poll a ton of you on the questions that plague the modern dude. For instance, “Which celebrity do you wish your girlfriend was like?” and “Is getting fat a dealbreaker?”. We collected a smattering of the results for your reading pleasure. Check out the highly scientific findings and form your own theorums below:

Which female celebrity would you like your girlfriend to be more like?

Emma Stone (51%)

Kate Upton (20%)

Tina Fey (16%)

Kim Kardashian (9%)

Nicki Minaj (4%)

Do you believe in the institution of marriage?

Yes, I believe it is a necessary institution and one in which I will participate to help preserve (70%)

Yes, I believe in it as an institution but it is not for me (18%)

No, I do not believe in it (12%)

Is it important for a girlfriend to have “wife potential”?

Somewhat, although I wouldn’t break up with her if I realize the she isn’t a potential wife (52%)

Yes, I won’t bother pursuing a woman who isn’t a potential wife (29%)

No, not at all. I don’t look that far ahead in my relationships (19%)

Would you dump your girlfriend if she became fat?

Yes (54%)

No (46%)

What’s your preferred route to approaching a woman you want to sleep with?

Walk up to her directly (47%)

Through an introduction by a mutual friend (33%)

In a pack of guys, approaching a pack of girls (11%)

Online (9%)

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