The Guide to Get Inside: Houston

The only city guide you’ll ever need to guarantee a good time.

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Where to LAY

Hotel Sorella is located in the prestige CITYCENTRE, known for its dining, entertainment and shopping. This Italian-inspired stay should add some stimulation to your trip, giving her a little bit of everything, with you included.

Named by the Houston Press as the “Best Boutique in Houston,” Magnolia Hotel is an original property with a rich history. Having been home to both a newspaper and oil company over the past century, this hotel is the perfect place to start your next chapter with her.

Impress her with a visit to old world Italy at Hotel Grandluca. You’ll have all the décor and amenities of a trip to Europe, with an ambiance that will have her feeling more open minded than ever. When in Rome.

This extensive property is located in the vibrant Museum district of Houston. Using bold, modern statement pieces in its design, this hotel offers a unique setting to take things to the next level.

Where to PLAY

Wine only gets better with time, and so does she. Get closer to her at Haak Vineyards, and your biggest problem will be figuring out how to bottle up the feeling of being together.

Show her your fun side by taking her to the Pleasure Pier in Gavelston Island. This amusement park is the perfect place to hold her over until you become the amusement park. Need we say more?

Café Mawal provides a casual setting where you can enjoy incredible Mediterranean food and fruity hookah. Oh, and it’s BYOB. Make sure you also remember to bring protection.

When you can order food and booze during a movie, not much can go wrong. Sundance Cinemas is a great spot to take her out for a screening, providing a more premium and intimate cinematic experience. Let the movie entertain her while you ponder where the night will take you.

Where to SAVOR

Kiran’s is a fine Indian-style restaurant in downtown Houston. Kiran Verma is considered the “godmother of Indian fine dining” and is one of the most renowned self-taught chefs in all of Texas. Let the flavors of this cuisine ignite your chemistry.

Take a quick escape to the south of France and enjoy the French cuisine at Etoile which will have her feeling like she’s being treated to far more than just a dinner. This fine dining experience will breathe new life into your evening.

BCN Taste and Traditions touches on Barcelona’s unique culinary style, with a modern twist, while incorporating traditional Spanish cuisine. Order her an Elderflower Gin & Tonic to get the night started on the right note. After all, women love getting flowers.

The Pass is filled with food innovation and excitement. In professional kitchens “the pass” is the area where cooks, chefs and front of the house staff meet to garnish and expedite the menu items. Invite her to dinner at The Pass, and you may be rewarded with a pass to her bedroom.

Where to SIP

Located in Houston’s Midtown, in an often-forgotten neighborhood, 13 Celsius specializes in unique wines from all over the world. All wines are kept untouched and unmoved in the wine cellar at 13 degrees Celsius. Enjoy a glass of world-class vino and cheese, while sitting in restored antique furniture from the Warwick Hotel.

Anvil Bar and Refuge is one of our favorite casual spots to grab a drink in the entire city of Houston. The bar offers patrons a warm and inviting atmosphere, and with a list of 100 classic cocktails to try, you’ll have plenty of options to please her palate. Go here for a night that is sure to be as classic as the drinks themselves.

The Hay Merchant takes beer incredibly seriously. With 80 taps available, pick a beer that matches both of your taste buds. Try all of them to ensure that you hit all the right notes and find your rhythm.

With a wraparound bar that seats just 40 patrons, this bar is a great place to socialize and meet new people. This intimate setting is the perfect ambiance for a night where you can choose how quiet or energized you want it to be. If you love great conversations and taking a chance on a night out, Boheme is the place for you.