Watch this Dude Test Some of the Most Offensive Pick-Up Lines You’ve Ever Heard

“Are you Harambe’s gorilla pit? Because I wanna put a kid in you.”

Ever wanted to try out those truly terrible pick-up lines you and your buddies came up with over a few beers, just to see what would happen?

Well, thanks to the fearless bros behind YouTube channel AverageBroTV, you don’t have to. They attempted to court some innocent gals with  hilariously cringe-worthy ice breakers, and the results were surprising.

Apparently, telling a girl that you would dive through shark-infested waters using only Rosie O’Donnell’s queef as an air supply just to get a Skype date with her could actually score you some digits. But, most of the time, rattling off these types of lines will leave the girls absolutely appalled and you looking pretty stupid.

Extra marks for this guy’s blatant courage, though. 

h/t: Bro Bible