Here Are the 5 Freakiest Furnishings You Can Ever Own

Turn your pad into a Bond villain’s lair with badass skull armchairs and other deadly decor.

Nothing against Halloween, but putting on something spooky (or for that matter, sexy) just one night each October is strictly amateur. We’re totally down with creating a macabre mood all the time.

But it has to be done well. We’re not just talking about chintzy decorations and sophomoric electronic noisemakers. We mean the real deal: home furnishings that stay out for all to cringe at throughout the year.

Here are our five fear-inducing favorites for you to gawk at:

If they don’t make you a little uneasy, there’s something seriously wrong for you. But don’t worry, at least tonight you’ll blend in with the masses.

Sit on them, if you dare. 

h/t: Design Boom