The Hamdog is the Hamburger-Hot Dog Hybrid You Never Knew You Needed

Meat your new favorite sandwich.

It’s a dilemma faced by every meat-loving attendee at the neighborhood cookout – do you start with the hot dog, or the hamburger? 

Okay, maybe you haven’t worried about it, but an Australian guy who has clearly had this problem before conjured up a glorious solution, and it looks like a carnivore’s wet dream.  

Exhibit A: the hamdog. 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Inventor Mark Murray came up with the exceedingly simple but mouth-watering notion of combining a hot dog and hamburger into a monstrous meaty sandwich in 2004 while on vacation with his wife in Nashville. 

I grabbed a burger and a hot dog as I was really hungry. I was sitting in the car eating them both at the same time and my wife was looking at me like I was an idiot,” Mark Murray told CNBC.

He was able to secure a patent for it in 2009, and pitched the “invention” unsuccessfully to ABC’s panel of celebrity entrepreneurs on Shark Tank last year. 

Now, it’s being sold at Australian fairs with all of the fixings you find on a hamburger for $8, and Murray is currently encouraging investors to put up $10,000 to become resellers who can use their own “Hamdog” marquee. 

Murray and his team are already talking about experimenting with different types of hamdogs, but we think he could expand his fair-food mashing abilities even further. The next logical creation would be a “hambrat,” but what about a crossjoint-inspired Bratdog? The possibilities are truly vast. 

H/T Huffington Post