This Stylish Pod Is The Backyard Man Cave You Deserve

It’s the ultimate home away from home.

$20K for independence is a fair shake

You may not have to go as far as you think to get away from it all. In fact, solitude could be just a few steps away. But you will have to walk outside your house.

You’ll be glad you did when moments later you arrive at your seriously cool prefabricated designer pod from Harwyn. It’s really the perfect man cave, made in Australia (where they know a thing or two about living in caves).

What will you put/do in your designer mancave?
What will you put/do in your designer mancave? (Photo: Harwyn)

Sure, it could be the ideal home office that’s just separated enough from the home. But it makes an even finer playroom, whether you’ll be playing games, music or…ahem…around.”

Whatever you do, you’ll do it comfortably, cause these ain’t no slanty shanties. They’re actually quite sturdy, well-insulated and…again, ahem…fairly soundproof. So it could be a nice little escape pretty much year round.

Assuming the pricing on their site is in Aussie dollars, they go—and we do mean go, since they’re delivered—for starting at just under $20,000. And they come with some cool options

But whereas in the past they’ve offered deals (including a flatscreen and soundbar) around the winter holidays, this year it seems even more appropriate that they break out the goodies around Independence Day.