6 Ways To Have Better Sex in 2017

These are the only resolutions you need to keep this year…


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New Year’s resolutions are usually along the lines of “lose weight” or “sleep more” or “stop going on 4-day booze benders.” But here’s an even better one for you: have amazing sex.

Damn right, my man. I want you to have even better sex than you had in 2016, because you deserve it. Put together by Dr. Justin Lehmiller, take notes on these six ways to have better sex in this new year. 

1. Be more vocal during sex.
Seriously. What have we been telling you all this time? Be. Vocal. Tell her you love it. Tell her how much you want her. Tell her you want her to sit on your face. Or if you can’t think of anything to say, let out a guttural grunt. Same thing.

Studies have found that those who moan and groan and are everything but silent in the sack are the most satisfied, so that should be proof enough that you need to let loose and let out all the sex sounds you repressed in 2016. Your sex life will thank you.

2. Break out the sex toys.
There’s a reason why we’ve shown you a solid bunch of toys to try out. Research has shown that couples who use sex toys like vibrators (and, ahem, toys of the kinkier variety) report greater sexual satisfaction than those who go toy-free. Who woulda thunk it? 

Try bringing some of these tested and approved (for real, I tried them) toys into the boudoir for some sexy novelty in 2017. You won’t regret it.

3. Make kegels your favorite workout.
Contrary to popular belief, kegels aren’t just for pregnant ladies with the pressure of a tiny human on their bladder, or old people who pee a little when they sneeze. Kegels are for everyone, including you, my friend. Studies prove that kegels do wonders for your sex life, such as helping you last longer. And who wouldn’t want that?

In case you need a refresher, to do kegels you simply squeeze the muscles in your butt/dick region and imagine lifting those muscles like an elevator. Just squeeze and repeat over and over, and you’ll be a new man.

And don’t worry – nobody will ever be able to tell you’re doing kegels if you do them in public, because it’s not visible from the outside. 

4. Remember that sex is more than just the P-in-V part.
Here’s the thing – sex is so much more than sticking your dick inside a woman and banging away until you blow your load. No no. It’s so much more than that.

There’s the kissing, the long and delicious foreplay, the afterplay, the floggers and vibrators (see resolution no. 2). What I’m saying here is that sex should be a fancy 10-course meal with hors d’oeuvres, an appetizer, melon ball palate cleansers, the entrée…you get the idea. Just know that studies have shown that the more activities people engaged in during sex, the more likely they were to have an orgasm. That’s all.

5. Don’t drink too much.
Yes, wine is an aphrodisiac. In fact, all kinds of booze is an aphrodisiac, thanks to the alcohol it contains. In short, alcohol lowers inhibitions and strengthens sexual urges, hence why we’re horny when we drink.

However, this is only true when we drink in small amounts. Too much booze, and the dreaded phenomenon known as whiskey dick can ascend from the bowels of hell and mess up your boner. Oof. Not hot.

That said, drinking before getting lucky is definitely encouraged, just not in epic quantities. There you go.

6. Try not to go to sleep right after sex.
I know, I know. It’s hard to keep your eyes open after a good lay, but this year, please make it happen. Recent research has shown that couples who engage in afterplay, which is post-sex cuddles and such, reported being much more satisfied sexually, and in their relationships.

So if you must roll over and drift off into la-la land, make sure to do so after a couple minutes of cuddling.

Well, my friends, here’s to a happy, healthy and sexy 2017. 

H/T: Sex & Psychology