Losing Weight Is As Easy As Having More Orgasms, Says New Study

The sex diet is the best diet.


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We already know having sex is good for you in many different ways. It helps prevent cancer, it makes your skin a lot nicer, it stops aches and pains, it offers you some orgasmic stress relief…but did you know that having sex can also help you lose weight

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But not because it makes you sweat. It’s more biological than that.

They’re losing weight right now. 

According to a 10-year study by Canada’s York University and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, oxytocin, one of the major hormones released during sex, decreases food cravings, which in turn makes you lose weight! Awesome!

The study followed a large number of participants ranging from 27 to 50 years old, all with different body types. Some participants were overweight, some were average weight, but many of the participants identified as binge eaters.

Each participant filled out a self-evaluation questionnaire that rated their “reward sensitivity, punishment sensitivity, sugar/fat food preferences, and overeating habits,” which was then compared with their genetic profiles. Very science-y.

The researchers found that those who had higher levels of oxytocin didn’t binge eat, and conversely, those who had low levels of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” were the binge eaters. So yeah, those with high levels of the hormone were probably getting it on a lot more than their binge-eating counterparts. 

Maybe it’s the oxytocin that makes you turn the other cheek to binge eating, or maybe it’s because you don’t have time to think about cheesecakes when you’re hungry for something else. *wink wink*

Moral of the story is that having sex is overall good for your health, and your waistline. The end. So go have sex right now. Right. Now.