Having Lots of Sex Prevents Heart Attacks, So Follow Me If You Want to Live

Turns out that getting laid on the reg is seriously good for your ticker.


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You already know that having sex is super healthy, right? It protects your prostate from cancer, keeps your immune system humming nicely, boosts morale, helps you sleep better, offers pain relief, brings stress levels down, etc. It’s also fun, which is definitely good for you too.

And guess what else? Turns out a nice roll in the hay is good for your heart health, too! Who knew?

When it comes to keeping your ticker strong and healthy and free of heart attacks and other calamities, you’ve probably been told to exercise, eat right, and stuff your face with pharmaceutical crap, right? Right.

Sure, you can do all that, but I doubt anyone is gung-ho about doing those things, especially eating salads for each meal like a farm animal, which is why you should just have more sex for optimum hearth health.

Science says the ol’ bump and grind can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease, because it significantly reduces levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which is known to trigger cardiac problems. So, clearly, having lower levels is good for you.

Apparently, dudes who have regular sex have better circulation than those who don’t have as much sex, which means they have healthier blood vessels, and consequently, less buildup of homocysteine.

Fun fact: A lengthy review of clinical data in 2015 found that raised levels of homocysteine increases your risk of death from heart disease by 66 percent, your chance of having a stroke by 33 percent, and is linked to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. 

So, you should probably start having more sex right. now. Doctor’s orders.

But here’s the thing: while having lots of sex is fantastic for your heart health, it doesn’t really do much for women. Womp womp.


Apparently, since female sexual arousal isn’t as dependent on increased blood flow as male arousal is, it doesn’t really do much for the ladies in the cardiac realm.

Nonetheless, it’s great for dudes, so there’s that. At least you can reap the health benefits.

H/T: Mirror