Exclusive: $39,000 Hennessy Super Cognac Revealed

Only 250 of the ultra-rare bottles will be made available worldwide.


One of the most epic cognacs the spirits world has ever seen is about to break in the form of Hennessy 8, an incredible new expression celebrating the famed maison‘s heritage that is limited to 250 bottles worldwide, priced at $39,000 each, as revealed exclusively in Maxim’s new April issue. 

The world’s newest super cognac comes packaged in a special Baccarat crystal decanter, consisting of eight glass rings, designed by artist Arik Lévy, and sits nestled in an elaborate copper-inlaid chest constructed with 25 layers of the same French oak used to age the cognac (one for each decade of Hennessy’s 250 year history).

Courtesy Hennessy / Maxim

Hennessy 8 is the final creation of Yann Fillioux, the house’s Master Blender for the past 50 years, who is handing the reigns to his nephew Renaud Fillioux de Gironde later this year. De Gironde will be the 8th generation of the Fillioux family to hold the coveted position, hence the name of the new spirit.

Hennessy 8 is a blend of eight utterly exceptional eaux-de-vie, the fermented, double-distilled spirit at the heart of cognac. Seven of them were chosen by Fillioux from the greatest distillations of the past seven generations, while the eighth was selected by de Gironde. Together, they spent the past five years crafting the precious spirit, which represents 250 years of Hennessy heritage.

Courtesy Hennessy / Maxim

Together the spirit, decanter and box are meant to evoke all the things that make Hennessy, and especially this cognac, a liquid legend. So it’s only fitting that Hennessy 8 will not be available in any store, but only by special order via Hennessy8@moethennessy.com beginning in May. 

And trust us, even at at nearly $40K, these beauties won’t last long…