A Hockey Star Won Back His Model Girlfriend With Massive Billboards

The Buffalo Sabres forward scores a romantic hat-trick.

Some guys love the idea of the big romantic stunt, the one thing that gets her back, but let’s face it—those can lead to other problems, like restraining orders. ​Unless we’re talking about an NHL star like Evander Kane

Kane decided he wanted to get back together with his ex, stunning Wilhelmina model Mara Teigen, and TMZ reports he staked out one of the most visible billboards along Sunset Strip to broadcast his love.



A photo posted by Mara Teigen (@marateigen_) on

Aug 31, 2015 at 7:28pm PDT


A photo posted by Mara Teigen (@marateigen_) on

Aug 30, 2015 at 7:52pm PDT

On Wednesday,TMZ published a video interview of Teigen which gave every indication the gesture had its intended effect. A visibly happy Teigen said she thought the billboard was “cute” and “a clever idea” and that she and Kane are “working things out.”

Sometimes the bold moves are the best moves. Especially if you make sports star coin like Evander Kane. And seriously, who could blame him in this case for spending whatever he could to win Teigen back? Hell, we would too.

Photos by Noel Vasquez/GC Images


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