The Holiday Inn Streaming Its Spring Break Pool Party Has Created Art

I guess we’d call it a performance piece.

A Holiday Inn in Panama City, Florida, has decided to publicize its come-as-you-are, party-down Spring Break vibe by livestreaming a pool party in its courtyard. For the moment, the strategy is working. The internet – well, people in the snowbound Northeast on the internet – have taken an interest and that deck chair-encircled puddle is the coolest place on Earth. The question is this: How long can this go on without someone recognizing their significant other who said he’d be out of town on a business trip. 

Here are the five way we think this party might end. 

1) “Is that my daughter?”

2) “Yes, we handle personal injury lawsuits all the time.”

3) “We’re out of Red Bull.”

4) “Thunderstorms are expected in the area.”

5) “Hello, this is the Holiday Inn corporate office….”