Watch These Sexy Australian Babes Pull Hilariously Savage Pranks On Each Other

Don't cross these saucy Aussies.
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There's nothing quite like a well-executed prank, and a squad of saucy Australian gals seem to know that better than anyone. 

The girls, who collectively call themselves Eighty83Three (eighty-eighty-three-three?) have the bangin' bods of your typical Instagram hottie, plus a penchant for pulling pranks that rival the most savage tricksters out there. 

Have an "Egg-celent" morning!

Have an "Egg-celent" morning!

Their YouTube account appears to be only a couple weeks old, but they've already uploaded some side-splitting clips. Their first video, "Girl On Girl Prank War," includes the classic smash-an-egg-on-your-friend's-face, and a less painful variation of a tar-and-feathering. 

Then there's "Pussy Slap War." You can probably guess what it entails. 

And, most recently, they've uploaded a second clip featuring more outrageous pranks. 

Additionally, the girls of Eight83Three have a smokin' hot Instagram page. Their first account was apparently banned, so this newly created one only has a few pics posted. But if they continue uploading similar snaps, and we're praying they do, it's definitely worth a follow. Here's a small-but-sexy sampling: 

h/t: Bro Bible