Hot Mess of the Day: Yekaterina Pusepa

Sadly there’s nothing sexy about try to murder your boyfriend.

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Name: Yekaterina Pusepa

Age: 23

The Verdict: Convicted of attempted murder and facing up to 25 years in prison.

Last May during a late night fight at their NYC apartment, Yekaterina Pusepa stabbed her boyfriend Alec Katsnelson in the chest with a nine-inch steak knife. The reason? Apparently the Latvian-born party girl didn’t respond well to her boyfriend receiving texts from another woman, which she claims also included a nude photo. While there’s clearly more to the story (the couple had a history of domestic disturbances) the real takeaway here is to update your iPhone to that fingerprint password technology stat.

Our note to Yekaterina: if Charles Manson can find love from behind bars, we’re sure you’ll have an army of insane suitors anxiously awaiting your release.

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