This Hot Twerking Contest Proves Spring Break Is Still Totally Insane

Time to go back to school.

twerking contest
video still

If you’ve been out of college for a while but find yourself missing the lazy days of watching drunk girls twerk like crazy and drunk bros jump in shark-infested pools, this is the video for you. Posted by DJ Tomkat on Youtube, this is a look at twerking competition on the beach in Ft. Myers, Florida. 

The girls reportedly can win up to $150 for the best combination of moves and ass, which is enough to buy plenty of pukka shell necklaces, throwaway sunglasses, and condoms

Because let’s face it, everyone remembers spring break with a smile due to all the drunken hooking up, right? If you want more material for the memory banks, DJ Tomkat can help—we’re surprised his videos don’t have more hits. He’s got past twerk-offs:

And he even has an interactive video that puts you right there in the mix. You can practically smell the suntan oil and spilled beer. 

If you’re stuck inside or cold weather has you down and you want a look back at good times you sort of only half-remember because beer, click above and enjoy.

h/t FHM