Here’s The One Thing That Can Ruin Your Sex Life With Your Girlfriend

This is important, so pay attention.


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Attention boyfriends in a committed, loving relationship: it might be a good idea to put on dishwashing gloves and grab a bottle of Lysol. A new study has found that men who don’t pull their weight in household chores tend to get cheated on.

Gleeden, a website for married and unfaithful individuals, surveyed 10,000 female users and found that 73 percent of women cheat on their husbands because they are married to lazy turds who don’t vacuum enough or do other chores. A full 86 percent expressed a deep and profound saltiness towards their husband’s inability to pull his weight in domestic tasks.

This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, because it’s generally not a turn on for a woman to see her partner having a beer on the couch while she’s scrubbing the toilet seat. Yet however obvious this problem may seem, it appears as though this scenario is something that happens pretty often. Hmm.

In fact, a previous study revealed that aside from cheating, bitterness over an unfair division of housework can often lead to breakups and divorces. Another study found that couples who help each other with household chores have damn good sex lives.

When you think about it, mopping the floors or doing the dishes regularly is a very small price to pay for 1) staying married to the woman you love, and 2) being able to have sex with said woman.

So, gentlemen, don your man aprons and get busy. Your sex life will thank you.