How To Break In Your Jeans

Denim heads have all kinds of ways to achieve a natural, worn-in look for their precious blue jeans. Here are a few tricks of the trade.

Weam ‘Em

Wear your denim for as long as you can (at least two months) without washing them, and then dry-clean them. After another two months soak them in warm water and Woolite Extra Dark Care laundry detergent and rinse with clean water. 

Swim in ‘Em

Wear your raw denim jeans into the ocean and roll around in the sand. Rinse with clean water and dry-clean. 

Bath in ‘Em

Soak in a warm bath wearing your raw denim jeans and let them dry on your body. Just know the lower half of your body – and your tub – will turn blue. Wash immediately. 

Don’t Dry ‘Em

If you must wash your jeans in a machine, turn them inside out, use mild detergent in cool water, and never put them in the dryer. 

1. DL1961 Premium Denim Nick jeans, $168,

2. Levi’s 501 jeans, $78

3. Hudson Byron Straight jeans,$198

4. Gap 1969 Slim Fit jeans, $70

5. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Slim Fit jeans $90 at select Macy’s stores

6. Guess Robertson jeans, $98

7. Carhartt Series 1889 Ring-Spun Cotton denim jeans, $60

8. True Religion Rocco jeans, $228

9. Calvin Klein Jeans Whitewash jeans, $90

10. Silver Jeans Co. Nyan Slim Fit jeans, $88

Photos by Meredith Jenks | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014