How To Build a Mint Tin Catapult

Let this serve as a warning to all your bad-breathed buddies.


1 plastic spoon

1 mint tin (Altoids or similar)

Duct tape

1 medium binder clip (32 mm)

1 playing card

Safety goggles


Hot-glue gun

Cut the handle of the spoon short enough to hide it in the tin. Tape it onto the metal handle of the binder clip.

To anchor the spoon-clip, cut the card to the same width as the interior of the tin. Then cut a section off the card that is the same width as the binder clip. Glue the segment to the interior of the clip as shown. Cut a second segment off the card that’s long­er than the binder-clip handles and glue it on the top surface of the handle as shown. 

Fill the tin with hot glue and press your assembled catapult on top. Once the glue cools, strap your goggles on and start launching the mints! (For you fatties out there, mini-marsh­mallows work, too.)

From the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2by John Austin. 

Photos by Chris Philpot | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013