How Dating is Different on Each Coast

Jax Taylor, the star of Vanderpump Rules, unpacks the differences between dating on the east coast versus the west coast.

Dating is difficult for just about anyone (that is, unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio), and there are plenty of factors to figure in when choosing the right mate: looks, personality, demeanor, background, to name a few. But what about location? It’s probably not hard to believe, but romancing women in the Golden State just doesn’t compare to the city that never sleeps. Why? Some of it has to do with proximity: you’re just more likely to be around other people in New York City. But the only thing that really matters is your willingness to put it all on the line. First, a couple of pointers.

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Jax Taylor, a man with the reputation as reality TV’s ultimate playboy, has had to battle with dating girls more interested in 15 minutes of fame than an actual connection. But he’s spent enough time on each coast to break it down for us. “LA is so tacky,” he says. “You go out here, tell a girl she’s an idiot, and they tell you they love you.” Even with a reputation tarnished from 3 seasons of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, women are still constantly throwing themselves at him, with Jax even claiming husbands have offered their wives a “hall pass.”

“I used to have a thing where I make bets how many hotel keys I could end up with behind the bar.” When asked how many of those girls Jax actually followed up with, he just chuckled.

Just as complicated as a high school physics class, dating comes down to a science. Lucky for us, lady expert Jax Taylor is on the road to success (with fashion brand XCalibur) and has decided he’s ready for a real commitment. He was able to give Maxim a few dating tips and break things down from coast to coast. It’s more clear cut than you might think, it all just depends on preference.

West Coast: 

“Los Angeles is so different from New York. Girls here are into themselves, and they’re like a robot. They’ll basically do whatever you want with no opinion. It’s kind of like talking to a wall.”

East Coast:

“It’s cool here in New York. Women actually approach men here. The dating scene and the girls.. it’s like night and day. The girls here will tell a guy to fuck off. They’re independent, and it’s a great quality to see.”

West Coast:

“It’s not about how well the drinks are made or about how the food tastes. People hang out for ambiance and because of the way the staff looks. Everyone goes to the sexiest places that everyone hears about.”

East Coast:

“You’re not going out because the wait staff is good looking. It’s more about getting the job done efficiently. The vibe is just so much more relaxed.”

West Coast:

“I can get away with a lot more in LA. I’ve dated more than one girl at once, and I never thought in a million years they would agree to it. What girl would agree to that? That was a serious red flag. I’m used to being the one who is playing the game and I was getting played.”

East Coast:

“If I pulled the same shit here, I would’ve been dead a long time ago. Then again, I wouldn’t have wanted to be how I am. It’s just so hard to date because you have to filter through so many before you find a decent girl. In New York, you know what you’re getting into right off the bat. It’s just so different.”

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