How To Do The Worm By Candace Bailey

The geek goddess teaches you how to get wriggly.

1. Down and Arch

“Get on your knees with your legs spread shoulder width apart. Lean back to give yourself some momentum so that when you roll, you can achieve some height.”

2. Roll Out

“Roll forward onto your hands in a push-up position, with your legs straight behind you. It’s like rowing with your arms—if you do it right, there’s practically no way to hurt your elbows.”

3. Get Up

“Use the momentum to kick up your feet and push up your arms at the same time, getting air between you and the floor. The arms move you forward; the legs give you height.”

4. Repeat

“Do it again, as many times as you can till you get tired…or bang your head into the wall.”

Photos by Chris Philpot | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013