How To Drive Cross-Country in a Day

Ed Bolian broke the coast-to-coast land speed record, driving from N.Y.C. to L.A. in 29 hours. Now go make a Cannonball Run of your own.

Pick the Right Ride

You need a car that’s comfortable, fast, and sufficiently reliable. We chose a Mercedes-Benz CL55AMG with an axis extension so that it would stay level as we burned through the 400 pounds of gas we added in aux­iliary fuel cells

Choose the Right Wingman

It has to be a person you can tolerate being with in a small space for a long time. But it also has to be someone you have confidence in regarding their decision-making ability.

Avoid Traffic and Johnny Law

We equipped the car with radar detectors, laser jammers, navigation systems, and cradles for phones and iPads. We had traffic data from Google, SiriusXM satellite traffic, Waze, Trapster, and binoculars, and we also had spotters who drove 150 to 200 miles ahead to let us know what the road would look like.

Map It Out

There are really three routes: I-20, I-40, or I-80. We chose I-40, mostly due to the shorter distance.

Stock Up, But Control Yourself

We brought along some nutrition bars, juice shakes, and smoothies. We tried to stay away from anything that would be too peaky, but we did have some energy drinks and candy bars. We had facilities on board for bathroom needs, but fortunately they weren’t required.

Prep for the Worst

You gotta drive at a time when there’s minimal traffic, and there aren’t going to be weather concerns or a high risk of an accident. You have to actually plan ahead!