How to Explain DraftKings Value to Your Significant Other

Everyone should be on your fantasy level.

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Football season has arrived and we know just how happy that makes you. DraftKings is on the same page and is celebrating by putting ten million dollars into play for week 1. Unfortunately the same level of happiness may not be shared by your significant other. There are fifteen games on this Sunday and every single one of them could be a factor to a team you are managing. You better be able to tell that special someone why you need to be watching ALL of that football and better yet why they need to get involved in Daily Fantasy too!

The money you have the potential to win, thanks to reading all the masterful advice here is a given selling point. A few savvy decisions could lead to some extra classy nights on the town, improved holiday gifts and you finally starting to dress like an adult. Yet, it goes beyond the financial incentives. Daily fantasy is actually striving to make you a better all around person. No, I’m not exaggerating. Stay with me.

This isn’t just mindlessly watching a sport. This is building a well-informed strategy around a specific budget in multiple challenging situations on the fly. Who doesn’t want to see their significant other work on that skill set? You are not just watching football, you are studying how to be a more responsible individual and building out necessary problem solving skills. This is critical thinking, math and decision making all rolled into one. How responsible of you finding a way to better yourself, even on the weekends!

Most importantly, DraftKings is inclusive. If you have a significant other who is just toeing his or her foot in the sports fandom water, this is a great way to get them involved. Millions of fans are playing because daily fantasy is quick, easy to use and will immediately increase your passion for the game. A first time player doesn’t have to worry about managing the same roster all season long, they can jump in on the action for one day, immediately get hooked and be screaming at the TV louder than you in no time. You have just a found a new activity to integrate into your relationship and increased the amount of time the two of you will spend together. This is borderline heroic.


So get ready for a season full of football AND bettering yourself as a person. Remember, outside of potentially raking in a $2 million first place prize, Maxim is giving away 10 free subscriptions to those who enter the contest, so get yourself eligible and sign up!

— Joseph Caporoso is Editor-in-Chief of