This Is Exactly How Long Women Want You To Last During Sex

Hint: It’s longer than five minutes.

Sex Promo
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We finally know how long women want us to last in bed, and it’s bad news for minutemen. 

A survey of 3,836 people conducted by Saucy Dates found that on average, women want to spend an average of 25 minutes 51 seconds in the sack. Guys reported a surprisingly similar ideal sex duration of 25 minutes 43 seconds. 

If that sounds a little steep, don’t feel bad—no one is hitting anywhere close to that on a global scale. The peak average time is 17 minutes 5 seconds, brought forth by 31-year-olds in the good ol’ U.S. of A. 

The good news is that between the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and India, we last longer than anyone between ages 31-44. We’re also well above the international average at every age below 48. ‘Murica! 

But don’t sell yourself short—that 25-minute mark is totally attainable. Put some music on, switch positions, or even think about your parents, if you must. Just get it done! 

Photo: Getty Images

h/t: New York Post