How to Lure a Depraved Girl

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity author tells us that women like sex, not questions.

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity author tells us that women like sex, not questions.

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity began as a blog, turned into a TV show (click here to see the lovely women from the show) and is now a handy book. Girls of the world, it’s never been easier to be depraved thanks to the advice of writer Heather Rutman. With lessons such as, “Rule No. 25: Don’t Be Afraid to Fuck on the First Date,” more can be learned in this guide than anything that Dear Abby idiot ever wrote.

The depraved Rutman shared some of her tips and tactics with us. Want to wake up to a depraved girl? Here’s how.

Talk, Dammit!

Heather Rutman: Guys will ask how they should approach a woman. I get this question a lot. Some people think there’s a trick to it. And my answer is always: You have to talk to them. If you don’t talk to a girl, you won’t get to have sex with her. No cheesy lines. Just be confident. Be original.  

If Your Ass is Grabbed, You Win

A rule that didn’t make it into the book was about ass grabbing. It only works for women. A woman can grab a guy’s ass to get his attention and start a conversation. It’s pretty foolproof. It always worked for me. I’ve tested it many, many a-time. I would grab an ass and then by the end of the night we were usually making out.

Don’t Beg

During sex, a guy should never ask if he can kiss you or ask to go down on you. That’s an instant boner-killer for girls. Take charge. We’ll tell you if we don’t like it. We’ll tell you, or show you, that we’re not into something. There’s no need to ask. There’s no bigger turn off than a guy who asks if he can kiss you or do something to you.

Don’t Be a Pussy!

Depraved girls love dicks, not pussies. Women just really want to get fucked. There are too many guys who are afraid to make the first move or any kind of move.

Get Over It

It’s the same for guys and girls. To get over someone, you just have to go out there and fuck someone else. You’re going to be sad and upset, but when you’re having sex with someone else, you won’t be sad and upset. You’ll no longer be obsessing over the old relationship.

Do It For Heather

If I can set just one girl on the depraved path, then I would have done my job.

What’s Sex with Heather Like?


Not That Depraved

People try to ask me personal questions about my life. They wanted to know how many people I’ve been with and all that. But I’m here to bestow my knowledge and information on people looking for advice. I don’t feel it’s necessary to share every part of my life. I won’t tell you what’s real and what’s not real.

Which Celebrities Are On Her List?

I’m going to plead the fifth on that one. [Laughs] I don’t think I wrote that I had sex with celebrities in the book.

[Editor’s note: From page 94 of the book: “My girlfriends and I have seen more celebrity dick than a tranny hooker.”]

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity is available now.