How To Make a Hangover Helper Sandwich

Ditch the Advil. Top Chef alum Dale Talde’s breakfast burger will heal your hurt.

Meet the Destroyer, a wonderfully greasy gut bomb built to banish your hangover to hell. “After a night of drinking, the first thing I look for is classic breakfast food or a burger,” says chef Dale Talde. “With this you get the best of both worlds. It’s also stupid easy to make—and eat.” Talde—a co-owner of Brooklyn’s Pork Slope and his namesake eatery, Talde—dreamed up the coronary-inducing Destroyer by crowning a juicy beef patty with a fried egg, thick-cut bacon, American cheese, and ketchup, all lovingly sandwiched between two golden hash browns. Because, really, who needs bread?

Ranking Your Morning-After Meal

Dietitian Jaclyn London breaks down this booze-buster’s ingredients from most hangover-healthy to least.

1. Eggs “Their high cysteine content helps break down acetal¬dehyde, the headache-causing chemical that’s left over when the liver breaks down the booze.”

2. Ketchup “Tomatoes are full of antioxidants like lycopene and vitamin C, and they prevent free-radical damage in bodily cells, thus protecting tissues from damage caused by alcohol.” 

3. Hash Browns “Drinking causes loss of fluids and electrolytes. These crispy snacks may help to rehydrate from a more natural sugar source while restoring fluid-electrolyte balance.” 

4. Beef Patty “Beef is packed with B vitamins, like thiamine and niacin—necessary cofactors for metabolic processes.”

5. Cheese “Cheese is potassium-rich, but its high fat and sodium content can worsen the dehydrating effects of alcohol.” 

6. Bacon London ranked everyone’s favorite breakfast meat last, but a scientist at the Centre for Life in the U.K. found that its protein breaks down into amino acids, which replenish neurotransmitters lost after an epic night of boozing.

Photos by Sam Kaplan