How To Make a Sex Tape

Hit the record button to turn her on.

Hit the record button to turn her on.

When Laura,* 30, first made a sex tape with her boyfriend, she felt as if they were up to no good—and she loved it. “It was like we were doing something bad and might get caught, like having sex in your parents’ living room,” she says.

Sure, making a sex tape nowadays can be as easy as hitting record on your iPhone, but taking the time to savor the action of filming it still makes for a mind-blowing experience. Plus, the thrills can last long after the camera stops rolling. “Watching it together afterward is hot,” says Sara, 29, who’s made several tapes. “Each time we hit record, our desires become more in tune.”

Ready for your close-up? Read on to learn what you need to know before getting carnal on-camera.

Get Into Character

Build up your girl’s excitement by shopping for a costume together, suggests Dana B. Meyers, cofounder of online sex-toy shop “Playing dress-up will help her press past any current boundaries,” she says.

Next, encourage some tamer on-camera activities, like a racy photo shoot, says Emma, 28. “Try an at-home boudoir session. Your girl poses in her lingerie while you play the role of the photographer.”

Your girl may even want to try taping herself solo first to build up to the real thing. “When I was doing long-distance with my boy­friend, I decided to make a little movie of just myself for him with the Webcam on my laptop,” says Ma­rissa, 23. “Knowing that I was capturing myself on-camera made me come so hard I couldn’t wait to try it together when he visited.”

And while all worked out fine for once-unknown Kim Kardashian, most women may have concerns about immortalizing themselves doing the nasty. Even though Amber, 27, loves the idea of making a sex tape with her boyfriend, she does have reservations. “If we break up, will he put it on the Internet?” she frets. “Because then it’s out there for good.”

So before you hit record, discuss what you’ll do with the footage. Will you watch it once, then delete it? Or do you plan to incorporate it into your sexual rotation? Having a set plan will make your girl more comfortable.

Prep the Set

Your XXX-rated home movie most likely won’t have a crew or editors like real porn productions do—but that’s not a bad thing. Bright, harsh lights can add to the pressure. Plus, in our age of high-def, you don’t necessarily want to see every detail. So just bring in some candles and add props.

“I love rose petals or feathers, which draw out the foreplay,” says Laura. “And keep a chair nearby in case you want to use it to have sex upright.”

When you’re ready to film, prep your partner so she’s craving you before switching the camera on. “When my boyfriend and I finally made our tape, I was turned on way before we even got started with the anticipation of trying something new,” Marissa says. Pop open a bottle of wine, kiss her neck, touch her slowly and gently, and soon enough you’ll have her begging you to press “that button.”

Roll Camera

Your costar’s confidence is key, so tell her how great she looks and feels. “When I saw how excited my boyfriend was, all my insecurities fell away,” says Laura. Still it helps to find a position that flatters her assets. “Sit in a chair, girl on top, so the camera can go either behind you or in front,” she suggests. “In bed, her on top or reverse cowgirl works best.”

Above all, don’t take the experience too seriously, says Sara. “Don’t give the camera a douchey wink,” she warns. “No girl will ever make a sex tape with you again.”

*Names have been changed.

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