Here’s How to Not Get Fired for Being a Millennial

Yeah bro, we’re talking to you.


It’s 2016, and in some ways, millennials just aren’t making the cut. This elite group of individuals, bringing together people born from the late ’80s to around 1999, have been so coddled throughout their super trendy lives that it’s become detrimental to the people around them. More specifically, their bosses are fed up with their shitty attitudes, and the odds of holding down a job aside from cashier at a fast food restaurant are becoming smaller and smaller.

Lucky enough, an Inc. article provided important details that’ll keep money in these millennial pockets, their butts in trendy jeans, and their job intact. It all comes down to three important factors:

First, start being a little more independent. Destiny’s Child said it best, but your boss needs to trust you can handle any task thrown your way, and not find you in the fetal position under your desk on a busy day. Training is for fools, and you should be one step ahead before you even start on your first day. Make yourself worthy of the job you have and read up, fool.

Next, no one wants to be working, so stop your whining. And don’t bother trying to make other plans. If you’re supposed to be working, then push back your man bun appointment to later in the day — you’re a little busy. The thing to remember is you are expendable. If you manage to earn the trust and respect of your boss, they’ll be much more inclined to let you leave early for that SoulCycle class.

Finally, the job of your boss is not to keep you happy and satisfied all hours of the day. Despite all those added work perks (we’re looking at you, discounted Equinox membership), you’re 3 months in and are already looking for a way out. Well, that’s just too bad. A perk is a perk for a reason: it’s extra, a bonus you haven’t necessarily earned just by showing up. Work is work, and sometimes you have fun, and sometimes you find yourself pulling out your eyelashes one at a time. It’s a sacrifice, but we promise, it’s worth it.

It’s as easy as that.