20 Ways To Be A More Attractive Man

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The wicked world of dating is a savage place where women have wildly high expectations. Each of your minor flaws can add up and make you less desirable and send potential relationships straight to the crapper.

Luckily, there are always ways to improve and make yourself better, hotter, and more attractive. Adam Kisiel outlines a shit ton of these ways in his book How to be an Attractive Man.

Highsnobiety found a super useful reddit thread from user bcbrought96. It’s in r/selfimprovement and titled “How to be An Attractive Man.” The redditor listed a bunch of Kisiel’s decrees—which I read through to compile this very important list of 20 ways to be more attractive.

1. “Wear a face cream with UVA/UVB protection, at least SPF 15 every day to prevent wrinkles. It won’t stop you from tanning and will keep you looking young.”

2. “Eat right. Figure out what this means for you. Eat more real protein, more vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole, unprocessed grains. Cut down on the fried food. Track what you put in your body, if it helps.”

3. “Get in the habit of walking with a straight back. You can do this by strengthening the muscles in your back (pull-ups with wide and pronated grip are a good one for this) and by reminding yourself to straighten your back throughout the day.”

4. “Exercise. Just start with two days a week, an hour a day. You can do cardio or you can lift. You can go on hikes. You can bike. You can skate. Just move!”

Yeah, don’t be a couch potato. That’s never a good look for anyone.

5. “Read at least one book a month. Surely there is something you’ve been meaning to read? Go to a bookstore or a library. Download the ebook.”

6. “Be empathetic toward others. Think about the interests, feelings, and motivations of others frequently.”

7. “Be self-confident. Even if you’re just faking it (because everybody else likely is too.) Smile, relax, and keep your composure.”

Fake it ’til you make it, my friend. 

8. “Always dress just a little bit better than the situation requires. Don’t overdress or underdress.”

9. “Take proper care of your shoes. Shoe maintenance keeps shoes alive and saves you money, as does buying higher quality shoes that won’t wear out as quickly. If you have time, clean and polish your shoes weekly.”

10. “Always use deodorant, and find a cologne that suits you. Splurge on this if you can. When you do find your cologne, use it daily. People will start to associate this smell with you.”

11. “Have at least one pair of classic, elegant oxford dress shoes. Black are the most versatile.”

12. “Eliminate bad breath. In addition to flossing and brushing daily, be sure to brush or scrape your tongue. If you have white discoloration on your tongue, you most likely have bad breath. Brush that junk off.”

Dude. Take this one seriously. Unless you have medically diagnosed halitosis, there’s no excuse for having rancid breath that smells like vinegar and death.

13. “Wash your bedclothes at minimum once a month. The more frequently, the better. Do it on as high a temperature possible to kill bacteria.”

14. “Avoid looking like you have been trying to hard with your clothing. Remember that the best dressed people look completely at ease, and like they just happened to put on things that look cool, not like they’ve obsessed over it.”


15. “Match your socks to your pants, and throw away socks with holes.”

If your socks are old or so filthy that they’re permanently stained, throw. them. away. Please. It’s just distasteful to wear gnarly socks. 

16. “Clean your ears, including trimming hair poking out of them.”

17. “When other people talk, listen with your full attention.”

If the woman you’re interested in is telling you something and you’re listening to her with your ass instead of your ears, and then you’re like “Wait, what? I wasn’t listening,” she’s not going to be happy. That just makes you look bad. 

I’m saying this from experience. Trust. 

18. “Avoid wearing clothing that are only intended for special tasks. Hiking boots are for hiking, flip-flops are for the pool.”

19. “Next time you shop for clothes, bring a brutally honest friend with you to give advice. Don’t ask sales associates; they are there to make commission (no shame). If your friend tells you you don’t look perfect, don’t be offended. They are helping you.”

20. “Have a few towels and change them at least once a week. Always keep a fresh spare too, in case someone who is over needs one. Launder them frequently.”

No self-respecting woman wants to sit on, let alone have sex on, a dirty, dingy bed. 

But clean sheets? Yessss.

H/T: Highsnobiety