Here’s A Foolproof Guide To Buying Her The Perfect Pair of Panties

A model-turned-lingerie designer reveals how not to screw up that most intimate of gifts…


(Photo: Eduardo Ceballos)

Fabiana Lizarraga Pascali is an Argentine model, TV host and entrepreneur who founded Thinking Panties, a customizable underwear line. She also has some helpful advice on how to buy your new ladyfriend the perfect pair of panties with minimal embarrassment.

Here are her six tips on how to pull it off perfectly:

“Creativity takes courage,” famed artist Henri Matisse once said. Likewise, it also takes courage (and creativity) when planning to buy your new girlfriend underwear for the first time.

There’s a lot of consideration that goes into buying her the perfect pair of panties. Your choice of underwear can say a lot about the kind of guy you are. Too much or too little, a certain style or cut, or buying the wrong size might piss her off, and next thing you know, you’re single again. Bummer. 

(Photo: Riley Kern)

That’s why I’m here to share the unwritten rules of buying her the perfect panties. Why should you trust me? For starters, I design them and have been an underwear model for quite some time. So I know a thing or two about what women want when it comes to lingerie.

Without further ado, here are my six panty-buying commandments:

  1. Don’t pick something too lacy or too silky.
    Get her something that looks comfortable. Cotton is a great great choice. Remember, she’s only wearing the sexy stuff around you—it’s not her daily driver. A comfortable pair means she’ll wear it more often. That’s more reasons to think about you!

  2. If you haven’t seen her in underwear too many times, go with a “full coverage” style.
    That means no skimpy thongs. A bikini or boy short is a better route to take.

  3. Sizing can be tricky, so go with “medium” when in doubt.
    If you know it, great! You can skip down to #3. For the rest of you, when in doubt of her actual size, go for a medium. It might be a little loose or a little tight, but that’s better than be way off your mark. After all, you will only be wrong once! The style of underwear can affect the sizing a woman wears.

  4. Try to match them to the color of her outfits.
    You’ll want to go with a color you know she’ll wear. If she’s wears a lot of dark colors and you get lime green panties, you know they’ll never leave her underwear drawer. When all else fails, neutral colors like beige, black, and gray are the way to go.

  5. Keep it fun and lighthearted. 
    Getting a patterned pair of panties can add a personal touch if you know her interests! Say she’s into butterflies, cupcakes, skulls, or Star Wars. And of course, you can even get a customized pair of panties from, where you can unleash your inner poet/artist.

  6. Don’t act like you put TOO much thought into it
    Play it cool. Don’t make a big deal out of it. It should appear like you “just so happened” to find something cute you thought she’d like. Good luck!
(Photo: Ryan Dwyer)