20 Clues That Suggest She’s Going to be Amazing in Bed

Keep these in mind on your next first date.



When you first meet a hottie, you can’t help but wonder what she’s going to be like in bed.

Is she boring as hell and not very good? Is she just OK? Or is she a total freak who’ll blow your mind (and your dick) to a different dimension?

While the most foolproof way to find out is to actually have sex with her, before that happens, there are certain, very subtle nonsexual clues you can look out for that indicate she’s going to be a complete goddess in the sack.

The folks over at Cosmopolitan found an AskReddit thread titled “What non-sexual skill is a pretty good indicator of sexual skill?” where people weighed in on everyday skills and behaviors that they think hint that someone is going to be absolute fire in bed, and I went ahead and read through the entire thread myself to find the best of the best answers. 

And so, here are 20 nonsexual things that suggest she’s going to be amazing in bed….but please, take these with a grain of salt.

1. “Girls who can play the flute give amazing head. This is possibly true of all wind instruments, but I can only confirm for flautists.”


2. “Yoga. Someone who is flexible, can hold positions for a while, and is in control of their breathing.”


3. “Someone who can pet an animal in a way that is pleasing to the animal shows that they are in tune with the needs and desires of others.”


4. “A good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at one’s self is a pretty good indicator of somebody who will be good in bed. Even if they aren’t experts an attitude of playfulness and not putting so much pressure on everything being perfect go a long way.”


5. “Playing an instrument. Pick any one, and generally you’re going to find sexually frustrated people willing to go at it in the sack.”


Party horns count, too, right?

6. “If you can talk about sex frankly without blushing or getting self-conscious. You will never get your needs met or be able to meet your partner’s needs if you can’t even discuss what those needs are.”

-Deleted User

7. “Girls who ride horses regularly can also ride other things very well.”

-Deleted User

8. “Eating an ice-cream sandwich on a hot day and not letting it drip.”


9. “Empathy – If you ever meet someone who’s really good at being able to feel what you’re feeling, I guarantee they will also be able to make you cum your fucking brains out.”


10. “A girl who’s into some type of dancing will most likely fuck you relentlessly.”


11. “Hula Hooping.”


12. “The way they eat a popsicle or banana.”


13. “Jiu Jitsu! Jitsers have great stamina, flexible hips/spines, and their movements when engaged with another body are very controlled, deliberate, and quickly responsive. And also there is much choking, if you’re into that sort of thing.”


14. “Communicating. Nothing beats a person who can tell you what they feel or want.”


15. “If a girl has a tongue piercing…..she’ll probably suck your dick.”


16. “The ever classic, ever loved, ability to tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue.”


17. “If you can hold the attention of a group of friends, tell a captivating story, communicate with your eyes, or just actively listen well. It’s like a hidden language that you understand me, and what I want, and what you want from me…and if it’s the same in bed, we’re going to have a good time.”


18. “Cooking. Being sensual in one area is a good indicator of being sensual in general. A person who genuinely loves food will be creative and sensitive to the desires of their partner, and want to bring them pleasure.”


19. “Persistence… and determination.”


20. “Most programmers I know harbor some pretty intense sexual frustration, which definitely lead to some of the kinkiest sex I’ve ever had.”


H/T: Cosmopolitan